6 thoughts on “Good Gay Advice”

  1. I see an atheist in the making.

    If it takes parents like that to see the light, well, God Bless You.

    Wait a sec… WTF did I just say?

  2. He’s certainly not doing it to “get back” at his parents, but his parents neglecting him certainly isn’t going to make him want to be heterosexual (or Christian) more. Maybe it’s a rebellious ‘phase’, but typically these things are more permanent, especially for boys. It’s a shame that the parent only wants to be more like a parent when something is going wrong, and not take any preventative measures, like trying to be a family.

  3. This is a great answer. Homosexuality isn’t something you choose. I wish “Christian” people would act in a more Christian way–loving and accepting.

    • Most Muslims and Jews are “true” to their religion.

      Very few Christians are “true” to their religion.

      I’ve said this for decades (wow the time passes), “Show me a Christian, I’ll show you a hypocrite.”

  4. The problem with the shaming of the homosexuals is that as we gain more acceptance, it falls out of favor in the culture to despise us. Once gays are accepted as completely normal, what will the so-called Xtians spend their time on? I mean, what will the bible-thumping preachers sermonize about? Adultery and divorce are no longer verboten, so once homosexuality is normed, whatever will these pious people do? Maybe they’ll have time to actually act like Christ.

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