9 thoughts on “Zipper Lanes on the Interstate”

  1. Is calling Interstates “The 15” instead of “I-15” a west-coast thing? I grew up in Denver, and we always said “I-25” or “I-70”, same thing here in Kansas City, but vacationing in Mesa, AZ this summer I hear them use “the” instead of “I”

    Just curious…

    • Yes. But more specifically, it’s a southern California thing. Nobody in the SF Bay area calls it “The 101” unless they just escaped from LA.

    • In Ontario they use “the”. Most of their divided highways begin with the number 4, and they call them “The 401”, “The 417”, “The 400”, etc.

  2. there is already one of these working on the Coronado bridge.
    I wonder how old this news story is? I normally don’t drive the 15. But that zipper has been there for a long time already.

    • I think the one on the bridge has been in use for over three decades. At least as long as I’ve lived here. I’ve only seen the ones on the 15 in use a couple times, when traffic has been go nuts.

  3. The bridges going from NJ into PA (Ben Franklin, Walt Whitman and I believe the Betsy Ross) all have these “zippers” on them also.

  4. Near Vancouver they have a system of 5 lanes with a permanent barrier on both sides of the middle lane. They just change the entrances and exits at the ends of each lane depending on the time of day. Doesn’t take too much time and doesn’t require any expensive equipment.


    • That’s actually where this system is being used. There are 4 lanes down the center of the freeway separated by permanent barriers from the regular north and south bound lanes. Some sections of the freeway have 12 or more lanes total. Currently the center expressway has two lanes going each direction but if there’s a major accident all the lanes will flow one direction with traffic being routed onto it. This expressway is available to high occupancy vehicles, motorcycles, and electric cars. You can also buy a pass to use it, with a normal trip being 50¢ on up depending on how far you travel, but rates go up as traffic in the express lanes gets heavier.

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