5 thoughts on “Dinosaurs come to life every November”

  1. Imagination. There’s what’s missing. It wasn’t that long ago that I would bring home some scrap lumber from a job, or 1 or 2 empty appliance boxes for little AJ. And now as an adult, he still remembers things like that as some of his favorite stuff to play with.

  2. This is the real thing. Just yesterday I heard the father interviewed on a CBC radio show. The older (now) kids are getting the “Santa Clause is not real” story but they are told not to tell their younger siblings.

    Great to see the visualizations that didn’t come across on the radio.

  3. Maybe I’m a bad parent. From the time my daughter was born, I spoke to her in complete sentences… never any gooo gooo gooo..
    I remember the trauma I felt as a kid when I learned about no Santa, no Tooth Fairy..and how I cried as a three year old under the christmas tree because Santa didn’t bring me the love of my life..Tinkerbell!
    I teach the truth to my kid, I show her the world she will be living in.
    ..oh, we still have fun with christmas, decorate a tree, and exchange gifts…but only for the fun of the holiday season. My fundamental beliefs in things that can’t be proven are GONE!
    I would never lie to my children about the world we live in. Teach them science!

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