Weekend Open Mic


Weekend open mic


Forecast mov16Weather:  We’re in for weird stormy weather this weekend.  We went from sleet, light snow, and scraping the frost off our windshield this week to the mid 70’s over this weekend.  Severe storms are possible on Sunday.  This seems to be perfect tornado weather.

Busy Busy:  I have several projects that’ll keep me busy for the next few weeks. I don’t understand people who have nothing to do and are bored.  There aren’t enough hours in the day and the time seems to be going faster and faster.

What’s going on in your world?


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  1. Well, Jonco, I was in your neck of the woods last Tuesday, probably within just a few miles of your house. I didn’t have time to stop and try to make contact as I was moving better than 500mph at the time. Flying to Cincinnati on business and passed over St Louis. That would have been about 1:30pm your time. Do you remember feeling like someone was looking down on you about that time?

  2. Yeah We had some crazy fast moving storms midday. Most of the worst stuff was over in Illinois. There were power outages ion the St. Louis region. We were under a tornado watch. Tornadoes touched down about 90 minutes away (in Illinois) and got worse as the storms traveled northeast. We got a LOT of wind and some rain where I live but it was short lived but my power stayed on. When you get temps in the mid 70’s at this time of year crazy things can happen.

  3. We spent Saturday finishing up staining our deck. Then I rented a carpet cleaner and shampooed almost all the carpeting; first floor, second floor and basement. Today I finished up the carpeting and also replaced a broken wheel on a coffee table that I’d been meaning to do for a year or so. Now that the carpet’s about dry we have to move the furniture all back in.
    My goal tomorrow is to see if I can get out of bed.

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