8 thoughts on “How to cook your turkey”

      • So glad to hear that you’re doing alright xalaskan! Let us know on the open mike page in the ^^^ upper corner here. I think there are a few of us that would like to hear about what is happening in your country, as of now. Be safe, young man. <3 Hugs. And how is the house going? I hope that didn't get damaged?

        • HI BELLA!
          Wow, all these years and I didn’t know there was an ‘everyday’ open mike.
          We are safe because we are tucked in to the center of the Island group. Layte and Eastern Samar and Cebu took the blows for us and turned the eye of the typhoon slightly, just enough that we only had fringe storms for a couple of days. I’ll see you guys later on the open mike when I get a chance. We are still dealing with downed trees and power lines and no water. but not nearly the kind of devastation they got on the eastern Islands. My Island is called NEGROS ORIENTAL. later y’all.

          • Good to hear on your end of things. Very glad. How are you coping with no water??? Drink more beer? 😉

            Maybe Jonco should be reminding people about the everyday open mike, eh? 🙂

  1. That’s why you should always have Thanksgiving with your best friends. They’re the ones that you really enjoy being with and they’d be helping ya with the turkey and the wine. They’d even hold a cold cloth to your forehead the next day, if ya really need it. Family, sometimes, EH? There’s always one or two (?) of ’em that get not too thankful at family gatherings.

    I’m so Thankful for my friends. 🙂 They make my life a lot of fun.

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