7 thoughts on “Remember when…”

  1. Yeah, I do unfortunately. The handle froze stiff, the cubes were stuck to the metal, and you had to run it under hot water to get them out — at which point your ice cubes were about a third of the size they should have been.

    I’ll stick with my Push The Button And Watch As Magic Elves Make Crushed Ice device, thanks.

    • I agree, but it’s nice to see stuff like this every now and then to remind us to appreciate the automatic ice maker, crusher and dispenser.

  2. My parents had one of those too. Your fingers would stick to it and, when the ice eventually came loose, the blocks would fly all over the room.

  3. So do i Evan.Mine is in the freezer right this very minute.Tough little buggers.Mine was left in this house when i bought it and have been using it for 12 years now.

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