1 thought on “Gay Police Horse”

  1. ” now, if ever there was a victimless crime, surely that’s it, calling a police horse gay.
    00:04:42 For a start, there’s nothing the matter with being gay.
    00:04:44 Secondly, it’s a horse.
    00:04:45 It can’t understand.
    00:04:48 Thirdly, even if by some miracle it could understand, I think a horse would be fairly, you know, okay with being called gay.
    00:04:55 Because I think a horse would be fairly sexually self-confident.
    00:04:58 For a start, it’s hung like itself.
    00:05:06 But the police officer didn’t let it go.
    00:05:08 Oh, no.
    00:05:09 He got off the horse, and he arrested the young man.
    00:05:11 He fined him $100 for calling a police horse gay.
    00:05:14 I wish I’d been his lawyer.
    00:05:15 I would have got him off.
    00:05:17 Because in his defense, the horse was standing naked on all fours ..
    00:05:24 …With a uniformed man on his back.
    00:05:26 That is quite gay

    -Jimmy Carr-


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