6 thoughts on “Clever Graphics”

  1. Ha Ha, I am slow.
    Got it…..

    You will find me in the right lane.

    Notice the bumps to keep peeps from sliding? I think there is a game here.

  2. London Underground. See this every morning and I think it a great idea. I think it is to get the idea across to tourists that on escalators, you stand on the right side or walk on the left side. There are always tourists or those who can’t or didn’t read the signs being startled by Londoners shouting “Stand on the Right” as they push past to catch the next train.

  3. This is on Newcastle’s metro system (UK), my hometown, it has all been refurbished now though.
    Weird seeing something from where you live on here.

  4. Monday was my first trip down to the bowels of the Metro in DC. They hadn’t even started digging for them when I was stationed here in the 60’s. The escalator looked very strange because it’s so steep, the folks going the opposite direction look like they’re leaning at about a 60 degree angle. Somewhat disconcerting if you’ve never seen it.

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