7 thoughts on “Kenichi Ebina – America’s Got Talent 2013”

  1. At this point, whether or not he wins doesn’t matter, he’ll be signed to perform in Vegas no matter what with that kind of talent.

    • The talent is in the entire concept, the execution. He does these from beginning to end. He may not be the best dancer, or a talent like a great singer does, but go to any church or dance studio if you want to see a great singer or dancer. What he does is unique.

  2. I can’t believe it! Kenichi isn’t even an american! Isn’t the show called “AMERICA’S Got Talent”?!!! You people who voted for this guy (although I admit he IS talented) just gave a MILLION DOLLARS TO JAPAN’S ECONOMY!!! That’s where it’s going to be spent people… With him and his family IN JAPAN!!!!!
    After those stupid dogs won last year, and now this, I’m done watching. This show should be called “America’s a bunch of brainless twits”!!!!

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