6 thoughts on “Hazard Fraught Tools”

  1. There are some things that are great from Harbor Freight! While I have quality tools for the most part (all of the important ones!) I have purchased a couple of screwdriver sets (when they disappear, it doesn’t really hurt). I even have some impact sockets. I don’t use them much and if they break…who cares!

    Power tools? Hell no!

    Luckily we have a store in town so I can drop by whenever it’s convenient!

  2. We go there often. Get their flyers in the mail and sunday papers, and the parody was spot on. I find it stocks mostly poorly made products, and the higher quality ones are overpriced – but we do take advantage of the freebies & money off coupons.

  3. The biggest collection of shit tools any where! As Bill says, forget about Power Tools.
    I made the mistake once, the chuck spun off on the first use and they wouldn’t replace it. If you come across a Chicago power tool, run the other way. It’s like anything else that comes out of Chicago. Useless! [examples available on request]

    Certain things are worth it, like welding magnetic, grinding wheels, cut off wheels, welding wire and pry bars are okay. I can walk to one of their stores and wouldn’t bother with them for the most part.

  4. Ha! I didn’t even see the line stating it was a parody of Harbor Freight…but I immediately thought of HF when I looked at it.

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