Matt Williams – Mean Girl

Our B&P neighbor Maffu (aka Matt Williams) from across the pond has won a songwriting competition with the following entry.

Matt describes this as an original song, written on the fly, that evolved into something completely different to my original intention.




18 thoughts on “Matt Williams – Mean Girl”

  1. Congratulations on the win! I can see (or hear) why you won. This is definitely my favorite song of yours I’ve heard so far.

  2. This is my 2nd favorite Matt Williams song, but it’s in my head all day long anyway lol. (You know what I like!) And I love me that harmonica in the middle.
    Congrats on a great composition & performance, and on the win!

  3. Awesome! Matt is a true talent all the way around! The part about green eyes and red hair – been there, done that, haven’t recovered yet!

    • haha – thanks MCW. How does that Springsteen lyric go?

      “Well I don’t care how many girls you’ve dated
      You ain’t lived ’til you’ve had your tyres rotated
      By a red headed woman…”

  4. Another classic! Congrats on the win! You’ve got amazing talent, thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

    I do have a thought though (please don’t take this as criticism, though)…there’s no “conclusion” to the song. You sing about a woman who’s mean, telling you what to eat and what to wear, she’s putting you down…but are you going to stay with her? Leave her? I was hoping for something more at the end of the harmonica bit, but it never happened.

    It’s a good song, though – and I can hear why you won the competition – but I’ve heard ones that you’d done that I’d honestly have to say were better.

    • Thanks eyeball – and thanks for paying attention to the lyrics 🙂
      As a matter of fact there was more to the song – there was a mini chorus at the end of each verse talking about how I don’t know how we ever get along and then that was lengthened for the bridge to say that, in spite of it all, I’d go to pieces if she was gone.
      However, as I say in the description of the song, it evolved to bear very little resemblance to the original ideas I had, which were acoustic and very sweetly sung (as opposed to the grungy nastiness in the finished song), and it was just too long in that format.
      In the end I wanted a little refrain and as I was humming a possible tune while playing it I just liked the wordless hum that became the hook. I think it leaves it to the listener to decide what’s on the Mean Girl’s mind as she’s saying umm-hmmm.
      Thanks again for your thoughtful and honest comment.

      • You’re quite welcome! I always listen to the lyrics, in everything I listen to!

        I’m glad you originally had something planned out which would paint a more complete picture. Of course, I’m also sad that we’ll never hear those parts – unless you drop them into this recording. 😉

        It’s always a pleasure to listen to your recordings, and admire your abilities. I’m envious, to be honest. You’ve set the bar quite high (and, admittedly, I have a lot of difficulty passing a bar)!

        Keep up the great work, and good luck with the iTunes bit. I wish you great success! 🙂

  5. Thank you Lore and thank you Minimauve – my head is so big now that I can’t leave the house 🙂

    Cuidado I’m in the process of going through the signup procedure to sell stuff on iTunes. It’s a bit like walking through a haunted swamp. I’ll be sure to let everyone kn wowhen I can sell stuff on there.

  6. Jonco – thanks so much for the feature, and indulging me with the other thing 🙂
    I really do appreciate it – having a track featured on here makes my stats go through the roof and this can only be a good thing.
    So cheers!

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