Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open micForecast aug 31

Weather: The hot spell we’ve experienced the last couple of weeks (102°F on Friday) will break on Monday as temps are supposed to be in the mid 80s which is pretty nice.  Cooler weather hopefully is just around the corner.  Click forecast at right to enlarge.

Amazon.com links are all gone as discussed last week.

The post rating system was changed this week from thumbs up and down to a 1 to 5 stars system.

Adding images to comments:  You can add an image to your comments on posts but sometimes if the jpeg link is too long it just doesn’t work.  The best way is to follow the instructions on the FAQ page under the Comments section.   You might also try to make your images no wider than 625 pixels, otherwise the whole image isn’t visible on the comment page.

That’s about it from B&P World Headquarters.  What’s going on in your world?


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