9 thoughts on “Spokeless Bike”

  1. Traditionally the spokes were there to keep the tire round. Unless those rims are made of some amazing alloy, it would be rather easy to taco those wheels.

  2. That bike would be hell to ride because of vibrations. The spokes soak up that up in a normal bike. There is zero suspension system in that bike, except for the seat. The handles would be tiring.

  3. There are lots of pics of this one on the net, but none with anybody actually riding it. It’s probably going to make a fine wall sconce. Those little hula-hoop tires wouldn’t be round when I’m riding it. There is nothing rigid about this at all and would ‘pretzel’ under my weight.
    We would have clothes pins to hang us out to dry, tacos, playing cards, pretzels, other physicists from other dimensions.. I want one!
    ….but seriously… every kid should know this by now.. An under-inflated balloon or two thumping against the spokes sounds WAY more like a Harley than a card does! AND they dont pop very often!
    I’m gonna put some balloons on my 125 kawasaki and go down town! I’ll try to get some pics!

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