10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, at the drive-thru”

  1. Here in Butte, MT there is a drive-thru with the window on the passenger side. It must have been an afterthought and couldn’t get the right zoning or something. Anyway, the next time that I go there I’ll have to try this trick.

  2. Used to be a drive thru only resteraunt in the suburbs of Kansas City which had dual drive thrus on each side of the building. It was a bit awkward driving through the side which was on the passenger side of the car but not impossible.

  3. It looks like a “still” from a commercial where the car makes a perfect parallel park.

    For the above, I think that passenger is capable of making the order. Not sure about your passengers…

  4. This is me 10 years ago when I suddenly realized that I wasn’t ordering food, but heavily marketed convenience “filler.” So, I turned the car around. It will actually be 10 years on November 5th of this year.

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