Hiding notes in hotel rooms

Comedian David Bussell has been hiding notes in hotel rooms since 2006.  Odds are pretty good that hundreds, maybe even thousands (that would explain the smell) of people have been in your hotel room at some point. You never know what you might find behind a framed painting, under a lamp or under the lid of the toilet tank.

Hiding notes1

Hiding notes2

Hiding notes3



2 thoughts on “Hiding notes in hotel rooms”

  1. He vandalizes hotel rooms for the sake of comedy?

    Seems like an odd way to try out new material… “I’m working on a joke about kidney harvesting. You know where it would totally kill? On the back of a painting at the Motel 6.”

    • Ahh, but now you know the name David Bussell and when he shows up at your local comedy club, you can say “oh, that’s the guy that vandalizes hotel rooms, let’s go see him!”. He might not have the body to pull off a sex tape in a hotel, so this is the next best thing for publicity.

      I guess.

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