12 thoughts on “Crash involving a bus backing up on highway”

  1. from the huffington post:

    One person was killed and multiple people were reportedly injured last week after the driver of a tourist bus in China attempted to reverse the vehicle on a highway, triggering a collision with a truck that was barreling down the road.

    In this terrifying video, which appears to be a montage of security footage from inside the bus at the time of the accident, the driver and passengers are seen being flung from their seats during the crash.

    According to Chinese newspaper Guizhou Metropolitan Daily, the bus had started reversing on the highway after the driver realized that he had missed an exit. As it moved backward along the road, a truck — which the paper says was moving at a “high speed” — crashed into the bus’ rear, causing the bus to roll over. Australia’s NineMSN reports that the bus skidded about 165 feet down the road.

    In the security footage, it appears that the bus driver was thrown from his seat and was flung out of the side window in the crash. Guizhou Metropolitan Daily reports that more than 10 passengers were ejected from the bus.

    The truck driver reportedly died at the scene and police are said to be investigating the crash.

    • There was no info with the video when I first saw it yesterday. I saw it on TV this morning and heard the same story. Thanks for the update.

  2. I’d almost guess that those who can be seen being ejected might have done better than those who continued getting tossed around inside. It looks like the bus rolled onto its left side which is when those side windows lost their integrity and the driver and a few other passengers pretty much rolled out only a few feet off the ground while the bus continued rolling onto its roof then coming to rest on its right side. In other words those ejected experienced the bus rolling onto only one side and were tossed clear probably less violently than what it seems. The others had to endure a couple more rolls inside the bus falling onto each other and against the seats and everything else in there. But the few wearing seat belts were tossed around much less than the others. That one lady in yellow had her seat belt unlatched and was on her way out faster than almost anyone else. Finally, in the last few seconds you can see George Costanza sprinting from the back pushing past everyone.

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