5 thoughts on “Anna Kendrick – Cups – When I’m Gone”

    • That’s Anna Burden, from northern Indiana. She, along with Sam DeArmond, formed a group called Daytrip, and they perform in the N Indiana, W Ohio, S Michigan area. They’ve released a CD, and Anna has a great YouTube page.

      • That’s awesome. Thanks for the update. I thought this girl was pretty amazing when I first saw this. Then, a year later, Anna K. performed this skit in Pitch Perfect (which I was forced to watch with my teenage daughter) and I thought that was a little shifty until she gave credit to this girl, Ms. Burden, as inspiration. Then I called off the hit on Kendrick and went back to my video games.

    • Tee hee, that was the first thing I thought too – “you’ll miss me by my hair in the biscuits!”

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