B&P Link Dump

Kids n dogsFashion Photographer Shifts His Focus to Wounded Soldiers

Passengers survive as landslide smashes car

The World’s Worst Loophole

How to save a wet cellphone

Dogs that will do anything for kids  Right arrow

How to Look Busy At Work (Even if You’re Not)

The Internet in 60 Seconds

“Camp Gyno” – Breakthrough In Tampon Advertising

How digital photography is ruining traveling

The Eyes of Tammy Faye (Full movie)

What Space Smells Like

What you could buy with $1 Million


3 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. #18.and #21. big tough vicious pit bulls, lol, I’m so glad they included those pics in the list!

  2. Regarding the pictures of kids with dogs – I’m not entirely convinced that kids should be nose-to-nose with dogs – you’d have to really know the dog (and the child). We had a horrible incident in this area last fall and the child will need surgeries and rehab for years. A friend just returned from 2 years working in Viet Nam and she was telling me about the vicious chihuahuas that people there use as watchdogs. I laughed at the idea, but I guess they can do a lot of (low level) damage.

    • They can and do. I worry when young children are around dogs they don’t know. They want to play with the dog and get right in it’s face. Some dogs are much better with that than others. The kids mean no harm but until the dog gets comfortable with the kid I’m not so sure it’s safe. We have family that have a pitbull and he’s the gentlest with their kids as they climb all over and play with him.

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