10 thoughts on “Crash test old vs. new car”

  1. Surprised to see a test that’s about 10 years old be put out again as if it just happened. I think the web is just running out of entertaining information, replacing it with cell-phone pictures of everyone’s backside or at least pictures of people trying to be a horse’s ass.

    • If I got annoyed enough to comment every time Jonco posted something I’d already seen here, I’d be a bit of an ass (too). When he does it on B&P, I’m usually just grateful.

  2. In 2007, which is like, 20 years ago, fifth gear crashed a ’04 Renault modus supermini/sub compact into a ’92 Volvo 940. The results were not pretty for the Volvo. You can see it on YouTube if you are so minded.

  3. I used to work on British sports cars from the 50s and early 60s and tried not to think too much about how the steering column was essentially a spear aimed right at the middle of my chest. Fortunately I never tested one in an accident.

  4. It’s true that modern cars are much safer than older cars, but what I really don’t appreciate is the way they skewed this video to greatly exaggerate the results. They’re hitting off center, with the driver’s seats lined up with each other, rather than with the center of the cars lined up, so the cars hit each other on the corner. Then they film it from ground level from the side, so you can’t really see any damage at all done to the modern car, but you see all KINDS of shit happening to the old car.

    I guarantee, if you saw this video from the other side (with the old car on the left – therefore, in front), it would look extremely similar…. except it’d be the modern car with far more apparent damage.

    Show me another video of the same cars, hitting dead on in the middle, with a camera at a good angle so we can actually see what’s happening.

    • Very few accidents involve two vehicles hitting each other head on in dead center. This test would simulate a vehicle going left of centerline.

  5. Jonco, I think you should have a regular feature of the “best of”.

    Some things are worth seeing a second time and newbies may get their first look.

    First kill all the lawyers,
    Then the grammar police,
    Then the “you posted it before” scum bags.

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