5 thoughts on “Pick up after your dog or face the wrath of Poopman”

  1. I read of a town (in Italy, I think) that would mail the dog poop to the owner and tell them to clean up after their dogs.

    Apparently was a very effective campaign.

    • Any responsible owner of a pit bull (and some other larger breeds) would have a mouth guard on the dog when out in public.

    • It kinda looks like his little dog went into ‘attack-and-protect’ mode anyway, and poopman was saved only by a short leash!

  2. Could ‘Poopman’ have respectfully handed the guy a poop bag and reminded him that it is just not acceptable anymore to leave dog poop in a public park? or, pick up the poop like a hero and ask him to take it to the trash?
    … hehehee,THEN, my evil twin would throw the poop on him next time! HAHAHAAAA

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