7 thoughts on “Possible sequels to Sharknado…”

  1. OK. I seem to be missing out on something. Is this one of those corny SyFy movies? I’m seeing Sharknado references everywhere.

    • Yes, Sharknado is a SyFy movie that was on TV over the weekend (I think) and apparently it was pretty bad according to the reviews I’ve seen.

  2. One comment I read said that “Sharknado” was so bad it was epic.

    I want to see it just to understand this comment.

  3. How about Reptilicane? A hurricane causes thousands of alligators and pythons to invade a gated community from the Everglades. In response, Gov. Rick Scott announces that the state’s Stand Your Ground law applies to anything that moves. Thousands of wannabe cops converge on the community and start shooting everything in sight – gators, snakes, unarmed residents and each other. Finally one man emerges victorious – George Zimmerman.

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