6 thoughts on “Hey Vendor Guy…”

  1. The only people that seem to have coin these days are very old people (bless them) that are in front of you in checkout lines.

    Any coin I have goes into a jar and gets deposited once a month.

    Hello World!! Debit Cards! You get a record of where all your money went as a side benefit.

  2. So. . . This guy is telling the vending machine guy to increase the price to $1.00? Huh. First, this would reduce his sales, 95 cents being somewhat more appealing. Second – DUDE! Just leave the nickle in the change box if you don’t want to carry it around. And feel good at doing a good act for the folks that will be thrilled at finding it.

    • Maybe he’s saying that the machine frequently runs out of 5 cent coins for change and reverts to a “correct money only” state.

    • Don’t you feel a bit insulted when there is a sign in the window of a new pickup truck that says, “ONLY $29,999.99” How stupid does this guy think I am that a penny is going to sway me. I’ll pay a dollar before I’ll run around looking for change!

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