2 thoughts on “Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions…”

  1. what’s the big deal with chocolate?

    If you’re fat, you eat chocolate because you are sad you are fat.

    If you are not fat, you don’t eat chocolate.

    Thunking there is a correlation here…. Needs a study. Any volunteers? Get Paid! With Chocolate!!!

    Waiting….. (it’s not the cocoa, it’s the….)

    • Yeah, I’ve been waiting too, thinking it’s the ‘Cocaine don’t lie’ thing from a few decades ago. …But why overlain on the last days of Pompei, page 27? Vesuvius asked no questions, It just did its thing
      I give up, what is the poster trying to say?
      Maybe I’m looking for the non existant cat, and it’s just ‘HEY! HAVE SOME CHOCOLATE!!

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