Hillbilly Mouse Trap

Here is a simple invention that I want to share with you. It may help you in retirement.

Also, I think that this would work (in principal) to catch squirrels and small opossums. The pot may have to be deeper though.

The bait shown here is peanut butter. Spreadable cheese will work too.

Coke bottle mouse trap

Give it a try in your garage, shop, shed…….Or Stew!

Thanks Darrell


10 thoughts on “Hillbilly Mouse Trap”

  1. This works like a hot damn. I saw a few of them on a job I done a few years ago. Had 5 gallon plastic pails with about 8 inches of water in the bottom. The little rodents can only swim so long.

  2. I know someone, you have met him as well Jonco who has something similar. He had a chipmunk problem. He has drowned 27 so far this year. He told me he had read recently on the internet that chipmunks are a protected species.

  3. Sorry, this is a cruel way to kill an animal. Even one that is a pest. And nice that Xalaskan can throw in a fat lady joke as well. You’re better than this Jonco.

  4. Did this with a trap door to get a mouse.. It worked, gave it to the cat.. They worked out the details..

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