That1chick dogB&P neighbor That1chick has a new member of the family.  She rescued this beautiful girl on Monday from the Fort Hood Animal Control in Texas near where she lives and works.  She hasn’t decided on a name yet but they’re getting along just fine. 

I think shelter dogs have a way of knowing that you saved their lives and that creates a special bond between you.

Best of luck with her.



26 thoughts on “Rescued”

  1. Yes to rescues! Our cats were adopted 6 months apart and we’re so grateful to have them in our lives 11 years later! Smartest thing we ever did to bring all of us joy and better lives.

  2. It’s even better, because both pit bulls and black dogs are generally the last to be adopted.

    • It’s true, they also have BSL on post, so there are quite a few dogs out there that have no chance.

  3. Good luck to the kids in the neighborhood.

    Dare you to put Gus in the same yard and go away for a few hours.

    Just saying….

    • Your ignorance never ceases to amaze me. In a time where everyone else is happy for a woman who rescued a dog and a dog who found love, you cling to negativity like a dying man clinging to his bedpan.

        • If I thought that way I’d be a hermit living in a cave somewhere, I’ve had more people shit on my dreams and backstab me than dogs. I hope things look up for you Grumpy.
          And no I haven’t had your experience either.

    • It’s not the Damn dog.. You have to train them!!! Just like you won’t just hand a gun to someone that never shot before. Blame the owner, not the dog.. I don’t have a mean dog either, but I have a nice TRAINED one.. Blue healer, FYI!!

  4. Oh she is such a Sweetie. Nice coloring and a beautiful face. All the best with her Chick. I know you’ll love each other.

    (Also, if you are one of Jonco’s friends on FB, let me know. I’d love to meet up with you and be your buddy. It’s frikken time girl.)


    • I am on his FB friends list, I would like that very much Bella. It is way overdue!! Thanks Bella Boo!!

    • Thank you so much Mike, I know you’re a fellow dog person, that picture doesn’t begin to show how pretty she is.

    • I love them too, I’m not sure I’d ever have any other type of dog again (maybe a Catahoula) they don’t get rescued like the others, partly due to stigma, partly due to BSL. I can tell you’re a smart lady Ellie!

  5. She is beautiful. We just adopted a dog that was heading to the pound. The people got the pup knowing that where they lived didn’t allow animals. He was 11 weeks old when we got him. First week we got him good food and to the vet for check-up and shots. Had him dewormed. Goes back to the vet again on the 25th for his second parvo shot. Our vet is 91 miles away in Prince Rupert. My wife was saying that he is one lucky dog to have us for parents. I keep telling him that if he shits on the floor one more time that i’m shipping him up north to Alaska and he will be a bitch for a big husky.

    • I have to ask (since I lived in Rupert for many years), do you live out on one of the First Nation reserves? Or do you travel from Terrace to visit the vet?? All the best to you and your puppy, may his bathroom training go well!

  6. We live in Terrace. There were 3 vets in Terrace and one died a few years ago. The other two refuse to take on new customers. We get a nice scenic drive and a fish & chips so we don’t mind. I’m in work camp until the 23rd and the wife is telling me that his training is going very well. He was usually only having 1 accident a day. We take him out and tell him to do his business and have a small treat when he does. Usually only takes a few seconds get a #1 and a 5 minute walk around the yard to get a #2.

  7. Thanks for all the good wishes every one! She’s a really sweet dog, I have yet to hear her bark, even at the cats or other dogs in the neighborhood, she goes to the fence, and looks and wags her tail, but doesn’t make noise. She takes treats very gently, and always sits before taking them. She is so well behaved and quiet and gentle.
    She’s a beautiful steel grey color,(she’s considered a blue)I’m still not sure what to call her, she follows me everywhere, I almost don’t have to call her, but she needs a special name.
    Thanks again to all the well wishers.

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