11 thoughts on “God says…”

  1. If someone did this to a mosque, synagogue or temple, it would be considered a hate crime.

  2. Vanna! We need to buy an “S”.

    Capitalism is a sin. But, ignore Jesus, when it’s convenient for you, but quote the Bible when you are trying to take away someone’s “freedom”.

    The difference between a saint and a hypocrite is that one lies for his religion, the other by it.
    Minna Antrim

  3. Shooting up a place of worship with paintballs does permanent damage. Running away with an S doesn’t really hurt very much except their pride.

    • and who says they took the S. I’m thinking they just took it off the sign as a prank. Relatively harmless compared to paintballing. And who’s to say they didn’t replace the S right after the photo was taken. That’s something I’d probably do.. for the photo op.

  4. After reading the comments and the post a couple of thoughts. I don’t think it’s a hate crime even if you did it to some other religious edifice, however I do feel there is a double standard. Those of you who don’t, prove it to me by going and taking a similar picture with something you have done to a mosque/temple/synagogue. You say it would be funny just like this. Prove it.

    Second this picture kind of proves a point even though not a solid one, “Homosexuality is IN.” Though those homosexual will never admit the popular aspect of it.

  5. I will add one very serious point here. I think this kind of thing is the tip of the iceberg. In other words there is a fight coming not for homosexual rights, the tide on that one seems to be turning. The fight that is coming is fueled by this which is going to be persecution of people of faith. Note that this is a prediction only and I have no proof, other than the foundation that has been set in place for it.

  6. My imaginary magic man in the sky is better than your imaginary magic man in the sky!
    Here we go again, history repeating itself, from the beginning of time!

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