6 thoughts on “Yeah, but can’t spell it once”

  1. I’m surprised by the number of times I’ve seen photos (on the internet) of tattoos with misspellings.

    If you’re getting a word tattooed on your body, you should make it a point to check, double-check, then have a friend triple-check the spelling before a needle touches your skin.

    Last year a tattoo artist on Spike TV’s Ink Master (contest reality show) misspelled “Corinthians” on a person.

    • I believe that misspelling of “Corinthians” was actually spelled correctly on the stencil, but smeared during the inking process — the first “i” became a “t” (the dot became a cross) and the artist didn’t notice. All the spell-check in the world isn’t going to catch that kind of error.

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