Cars stored for decades go up for sale

Lambrecht Chevrolet of Pierce, Neb., was like many Midwestern, small-town dealers — owned and operated by a family, with minimal overhead and little need for advertising since most customers were neighbors. Ray and Mildred Lambrecht ran the dealership with just one employee for 50 years before closing up, and later this year the Lambrechts will sell off a trove of 500-odd vehicles they’ve held onto over the decades — including roughly 50 with less than 10 miles on their odometers. It’s less a car sale than a time capsule auction.  The auction will take place in September.  More info

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5 thoughts on “Cars stored for decades go up for sale”

  1. My first car was the twin of the ’56 four door, even the same color combo. I loved that car…

  2. That would make a great TV show on one of those redneck channels.

    Get the Duck boys to be the auctioneers.

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