4 thoughts on “Marketing Math”

  1. Well the frosting one is 2 different products. One is whipped frosting, one is creamy frosting. Oh well. THe others are funny

  2. I once was at Burger King and ordered a kids meal for my daughter and they told me they ran out of toys. So I asked them if there was a discount on the kids meal then. They replied “No, the toy is free.” I said that it in fact wasn’t free and that that we’re actually paying for a toy as well. They disagreed.

    So I asked them to total up what a cheeseburger would be along with a small fry and a small drink. Being that all 3 items were on the dollar menu, it was only $3. Keep in mind, the kids drink is even smaller than the dollar menu drink. Then I asked them how much it was for the kids meal and they told me $3.69.

    So then I pointed it out to them that in fact they toy does cost something cause if the meal was pieced together separately, it cost less than a kids meal.

    This thoroughly confused them and the supervisor. So I just settled on ordering the three items separately.

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