Turkey Stuffing Hush Puppies

Bits bites2Cowracer sends along his own delicious invention.  He writes…

My friend makes a mean deep-fried turkey. But he usually makes French fries to go along with it. Now I have nothing against French fries, but I was looking for something that would go along with turkey better. So I came up with…


Turkey hush puppiesTurkey Stuffing Hush Puppies

1 box turkey stuffing mix (stove-top or equivalent)
1 cup chicken broth.
1 extra large egg
1 package of dry turkey gravy mix.

The stuffing mix calls for 1-2/3 cup water per box, but I found 1 cup of broth and the egg makes for a perfect moisture level to form into balls.

Add the stuffing mix to a good size mixing bowl. Heat the broth up to just hot but not boiling, either on the stove, over the fire or in the microwave. Let cool for a minute or two and stir in the gravy mix. Add immediate to the stuffing mix (before the gravy can set up). Stir well to moisten all the stuffing and cover bowl with a towel for 5 minutes so the stuffing mix can soften an absorb the moisture. Add the egg and stir well. The mix should be able to be formed into balls, but not ‘soggy’. You can add a splash more room temp broth to get the consistency right.

Your oil should be near 350 degrees. Form the mix into hush-puppy sized balls and fry until crispy and hot, about 1 to 1-1/2 minutes. The puppies will wind up slightly darker than standard corn meal puppies when done.

You can adjust the amount of gravy mix to add to suit your taste. I prefer a more pronounced turkey flavor, but you may not. You can also make this up ahead of time and refrigerate it for a couple of days.


Tim (Cowracer)

Thanks for sharing Tim


4 thoughts on “Turkey Stuffing Hush Puppies”

  1. I tried something very similar to this and they were delicious. Can add poultry seasoning, minced onions, celery, whatever and they taste excellent. I guess you can bake in the oven or on the barbie as well to avoid any extra fat content. Good Stuff(ing) Cowracer.

  2. I copy & pasted this, but still can’t figure out what a hush puppy (other than a shoe) is?
    Is this a regional thing?

    Do they taste like leather?

    • “Hush puppies are little savoury doughnuts and I think they’re quite cool. I was told their name comes from the time of the Great Depression, when loads of people were going hungry. When they did get a bit of food, their hungry dogs would hang around whining, so they’d throw these little buns to them to keep them quiet. That might be an old wives’ tale, but if it is, I don’t care because I like the story. OK, they’re not the healthiest things on the planet, but every now and then . . . they’re not going to hurt you.” said by Jamie Oliver XD


    • Hush puppies are small, fried, savory, mounds of cornbread-type batter. In Texas, we usually add diced onion and/or jalapeno pepper. They are often served with fried fish or seafood. Not healthy at all, but they are delicious!

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