4 thoughts on “Judging Beer”

  1. Apparently many many people in the US think this is stupid.
    Taste is the last thing they think about. Judged on sales of BL.

    Bud Light is judged by an insane amount of marketing. (AKA brain washing).

    You get what you pay for. And not much more.
    Other that the thought, “This better for me than Coke”.

  2. Our nephew was in India and ordered a Bud Light. His wife and the rest of us were giving him a hard time about it. His response? “They were out of bottled water, so I ordered the closest thing to it.”

    • In India, among many countries, I’d take BL over tap water any day.

      As long as I got to open it.

  3. Never, NEVER drink the water!
    This is the local favorite…(the beer is good too!)


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