18 thoughts on “Bubble Pizza”

  1. My arteries are clogging just thinking about this.

    Why, God, Why? Did you make good things so bad for us? We know not to eat apples, it was in the first chapter.

    Wait a minute, apples keep the Doctor away.
    Should I listen to the wisdom of snakes.? Is Harry Potter real?

    I’m so confused.

    • Don’t let over thinking get in the way of life.

      don’t forget to think Some, but if you do forget post it on you tube so we all can have a laugh.

  2. tried this tonight was great only thing i would change is cook the biscuits a few minutes before adding sauce, all in all was great and the kids had fun with it also.

      • 4 – 5 min just enough to firm them up they tend to absorb the sauce. and i will let them expand to fill the bottom of the pan.

      • Like I said earlier, we put the biscuits in the pan and in the oven when we turned it on to preheat. Once it got to the correct temperature they were just about right. Then add the other ingredients

  3. tried this a few nights ago… I agree with A L N, should prolly cook dough a few mins before adding toppings and sauce. Saw the pics and knew I had to try this…

    Mine was decent/edible, however, when making pizza, I prefer the pizza stone method of baking (cook in 8-9 mins @ 500°F).
    I made the dough from scratch in a bread machine, based on a yeast roll recipe. After 30 minutes of cooking, the dough was gooey and not close to a pan pizza experience, as I was expecting (worked at Pizza Hut in college). The missus likened it to Monkey-Bread. We still ate half of the pan in one sitting.

  4. Please point out where exactly it says to cook the biscuits before adding the sauce??? It does at the bottom say to cook the assembled pizza 20 mins then add cheese and bake an additional 5 mins, but NOWHERE does it say to cook the biscuits first… READ THE DIRECTIONS…

    • We made it tonight. We put the biscuits in the pan in the oven while it was preheating and that seemed to work out perfectly. Delicious!

    • We just used standard Pillsbury biscuits. Not the big ones. Cut them into pieces and sort of line the pan with ’em.

  5. I made this pizza today. Artery clogging bit of heaven, but you can tame it down. So enjoyed it and thanks.

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