11 thoughts on “Which way is the train going?”

  1. it`s not going anywhere, it`s just bouncing back and forth. thw images in the windows of the train are the same.

  2. My computer is lagging, so it appears to come toward the viewer. Also if you download the Gif you may view the four images and see the London underground logo coming toward you.

  3. I copied it and put it into a video editor. Played in super slo-mo.

    Holy crap. I found a cat.


  4. I live in London and know that if the train was going into the tunnel, that there would be a signal light visible on the wall just where the train enters the tunnel.

  5. Firstly, The train station is charing cross,london. You can zoom the image and see the station name mirrored on the train.
    Secondly The train that shown in image is a jublee line train( painted in red ).
    Thirdly, There is a signal light on the wall near the tunnel which you can see on the train door at the tunnel (red light reflection on door ).

    Conclusion : No jublee line train passes through charing cross. Bakerloo line,Northern line, Southeastern lines are the only train passes in charing cross with the door colored brown,black and grey respectively.

    The question itself is a fallacy..

  6. Hi,

    This is one of my photographs so I would appreciate it if you would provide credit to me for

    1: Photographing this.
    2: Creating the gif from my photos.

    Since no permission was sought in posting this outside of my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/khanphoto) please either take it down or provide the respectful credit.

    Many thanks.

    • Robbie, I’m happy to credit the source of an image when I know where it came from. Most of the time I have no way of knowing the origin of an image so I usually credit where I found it.

      • Jonco many thanks,

        I appreciate it and understand it can be difficult to find the original source when the image hoster doesn’t specify either!

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