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  1. Bloody hell, I HATE this stupid, over worn excuse for an argument. Guns don’t kill people but they do give people the opportunity to kill lots and lots of other people really, really quickly. I am ashamed that the person who wrote this nonsensical piece of trash is in the same state as I am. And, not only that, in the same state that a school full of little children were subjected to a madman WITH A GUN — and far, far too many spent the last moments of their too short lives screaming and crying in terror. Bloody hell, people, that wasn’t even five months ago.

    • Actually, seeing as how this planet just reached 7 billion people, and some experts estimate it’s capable of supporting 10 billion, we need to find a way to kill more people faster. Maybe they should make nuclear bombs legal? Obviously this is my way of supplying a silly counterpoint, I don’t really believe that. I’d rather ship the excess population off-planet.

      The fact that someone would get more upset about a bunch of people being killed in one incident, as opposed to only one person being killed, shows how meaningless a singular life has become. Unless they are a person of so-called substance, of course. Heck, I rarely see anything in the news anymore unless kids or multiple people are killed. Gotta sell those newspapers.

      People are always going to kill people. You take away the guns, they’ll find new ways. And definitely, you take the guns away from law-abiding citizens, the crooks will still find a way to get them. Now they can download them off the internet.

      This coming from someone who has lost 3 immediate family members to gun violence. At least my one nephew took out a couple of the bad guys before they got him.

    • Cars don’t kill people but they give people the opportunity to kill lots and lots of people really, really quickly.

  2. Bombs are a hell of a lot more efficient at killing people than guns will ever be. Poisoning a water supply has an attraction as well.

  3. Where is this Windsor Locks place this guy lives in? I’d like a free gun or two or more, depending on if he’s asleep when I get there.

  4. 1. No one is trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens… where is this even coming from?

    2. There is a HUGE difference between a “well regulated militia” and a “well armed unregulated populace.”

    3. “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Well, this is something we can all agree on. I’m interested in mandatory safety courses for PEOPLE, not guns. I’m interested in thorough background checks of PEOPLE, not guns. I’m interested in stricter negligence penalties imposed on PEOPLE, not guns. I am also interested in closing gun show loopholes that allow random PEOPLE/LUNATICS to purchase assault weapons with no questions asked.

    4. If the logic is “It’s useless to regulate guns because criminals will still break the law,” then why have traffic laws… why have ANY laws?

    5. Guns are not comparable to cars in any logical way. If you want to play that game, though, the following are required to own a car: A title and tag at each point of sale, driver training, written and practical tests, health checks, liability insurance and renewals/inspections at intervals. Interesting to note that NONE of these requirements are made of gun owners.

    6. If guns made our lives safer, the United States would be the safest country in the world. Instead, more Americans have died from domestic gunfire *SINCE 1968* than in ALL the wars the US has *EVER* been involved in, and we are the ONLY industrialized nation to have such a problem…. so I guess that means that everyone else has got it wrong.


    7. More guns = More homicides, it’s really as simple as that.

    8. That’s about it…. have a great day.

    • The Militia IS the populace.
      And yes, there are people trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Just look at Britain and Australia. That’s our future here, higher crime and powerless people.

      • “The militia IS the populace.” Okay, fair enough. But how about the “well-regulated” part? When *EVERYONE* including the insane has equal access to firearms… we as a people are no longer free. Sorry, but that is complete lunacy.

        As for Britain and Australia, I would much rather live in either of those places than the states. I was born in America, but am quite happy to live my adult life outside its borders. The world looks on in utter dismay at the “freedom” that some of our citizens are imposing on the entire populace.

  5. Guns are NOT the problem. A society which devalues human life, a society in which people are raised without a moral compass, and a society which fails to help the mentally ill are a huge part of this complex problem.

  6. It’s IDIOTS like this who put guns in the hands of people who should never be holding one. If he was in the wrong side of the tracks then that gun would have ended up killing a few people in the hands of those who should never have them.


  7. Then why, why, why would anyone be against universal background checks?

    Oh, that’s right, they hate our president. And I thought it was for some silly reason.

  8. Does anyone here believe it would be wise to require background checks before a person is allowed to have a blog, make a speech, or write a book?

    • Fred, your arguments are straight out of LaPierre’s mouth. And he’s a complete idiot. Don’t try to prove to us that you’re not far behind with your nonsense.

      • As I mentioned above (no idea whether you bothered to read my post), there is a HUGE difference between a “well regulated militia” and a “well armed unregulated populace.” The Second Amendment describes the former, not the latter (it doesn’t appear that you have bothered to read it, either).

        P.S. I have no idea what your background check question has to do with responsible weapon ownership.

  9. Didn’t the folks at Waco live and die by the 2nd amendment. The right to bare arms against a nuclear state with area 51 and DARPA whose military is bigger than all the other military powers in the whole world added together. And if it gets tyrannical your gonna form a small militia and take it out with your small arms fire? Good luck with that 🙂

  10. I read an really interesting editorial recently. The writer asked “What if the Boston Marathon bombers had showed up with assault rifles and simply starting mowing every one down? They probably would have killed more people. Would we have reacted the same? Some nut goes into a school and start shooting kids and it becomes a local law enforcement issue. Two nuts blow up two pressure cooker bombs, and it becomes a terrorist attack.”

    Something to think about.

  11. Spoons are made to carry food to our mouth, aircraft are made to transport people or cargo, a screwdriver is made to turn screws… guns are made for what?

    • Guns are made to make holes really, really fast. I use mine like a cordless drill, 9.1 mm..

      You may take my cinder block, when you pry it out of my cold dead hands. 🙂

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