6 thoughts on “SkyMotion – Aerial video for Niagra Falls regional tourism”

  1. One of the advantages of living in NE Ohio is that Niagara Falls is only about a 3 hr drive, close enuf for a nice day trip in any season.

    If you go and plan to visit the Canadian side (the best side and where everything in this vid is), remember that you now need a valid passport.

  2. See Niagara on the Lake now before they build the mega-mall that will bring in thousands more tourists. As it is, you can’t get a parking spot because of the tour buses. It’s a lovely little town though and worth seeing. We live about 15 minutes away and avoid Niagara Falls, both the Canadian and US sides.

      • Honeymoons in Niagra Falls, marriage in Las Vegas, someplace is really missing out on being the divorce capital of America.

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