5 thoughts on “Melon Head”

  1. People will do anything they can imagine for a little bit of fame. I saw a video where a woman attempted to break the record for the most habanero peppers eaten in one minute (or whatever time). When she FAILED, she instead opted to set the record for the most habanero peppers CRUSHED INTO HER GODDAMN EYES.

    • That wasn’t Habaneros, it was actually Ghost Peppers. It was on Gordon Ramsey’s Indian Adventures. I’d hate to think what that did to her corneas, surly she must have ulcerated them…

  2. After reading 4 or 5 stories about mild concussions suffered by high school and college players that had catastrophic consequences later, I can honestly say this is a pretty bad idea. my old karate instructor refused to do the breaking boards thing with his head because, “you don’t throw computer against a wall”

  3. This is from a Dutch game show : Wedden Dat Ik Het Kan. The host said this guy first wanted to do this with toilet seats … he’s probably not right in the head 😉

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