9 thoughts on “If you could choose between world peace, or Bill Gates money…”

  1. Custom paint that glows in the dark.

    Like the old Frankenstein and Dracula model kits used to glow.

  2. When the opportunity came to buy my first car, it was a toss-up between that and an acoustic guitar and, I figured, if I had a guitar, I might not lack for a ride. I was right. I’m glad that I bought the guitar. I’d take world peace over money EASY.

  3. World peace ain’t gonna happen. Never has, never will. Human nature. Deal with it. Soooooo, make mine deep blue.

  4. Yellow. But remember – I’d be donating tens of millions of dollars a year to good causes! Mostly the salvation army and micro-loan programs. “I” would be a
    “good person” and would be respected for my generosity. 🙂

  5. I’ll take mine in pure 100% Platinum, with 24k gold flames.. Nothing too fancy, mind you, just enough to turn a few heads.

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