5 thoughts on “Act of kindness pays off”

  1. Where are all these places where people normally leave old men lying in the street and no one helps anyone ever? I’ve rarely, if ever, witnessed anything like that in my entire life.

    • Unfortunately, it occasionally happens that people act inhuman. I remember reading about some *&^%$ SOB beating a kid on the side of the road while bystanders stood by and watched. This story is similar: http://www.modbee.com/2008/06/16/330185/police-shoot-kill-man-who-savagely.html but in the story I am trying to remember I don’t think anyone tried to intervene.

      Then, of course, there is the US State Dept and White House that stood by and allowed 4 US citizens (including an ambassador) to be murdered by a group celebrating the anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, but that story is still unfolding.

  2. Definitely fake, it’s too implausible.

    By the time this guy would have finished writing the note, the helper would have been long gone.

    • ……I’ll just leave this wad of cash pinned under your windshield wiper where you’ll be able to see it when you get off from work this evening, God bless….

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