Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Weather:  It’s  typical spring weather here in St. Louis.  Click to enlarge

Forecast Apr 27

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That’s it from rainy (not just overcast like it says above) St. Louis.  What’s going on in your world?


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  1. Absolutely clear blue sky and on our way to low 70s today in N Ohio. Around 70 next week.
    (But we did have to scrape ice off the windshields on Thurs & Fri mornings. That should be the last time for about 6-7 months.)

  2. Just come back from a week’s holiday in the country. Back to work tomorrow, but unfortunately feeling a bit sick. There is no problem with the speed of the site where I am. Have a great week

  3. I need to rant -this is a long one, so I apologize in advance – We visited an activity today for my daughter’s softball league – Pitch Hit and Putt – well attended with lots of activities . When we arrived I had to look over my shoulder while finding a place to park because a police siren was wailing and seemed close enough to the event. Turned out it was a local PD representative offering her car for kids to crawl through. As I got my daughter and I out of our car “WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!” freaking both of us out and splitting my tinitus affected eardrum. (We had to park within four car lengths of the cruiser) I got my daughter away and went up to the officer. “Is there anyway you can not do that? I have some hearing loss and extremely piercing sounds are painful to me.” Her response, “The kids seem to not mind.”

    I stepped away then returned, getting her attention again, “In light of Sandy Hook (one town over) and the recent attack in Boston do you really think this is a good idea?”

    To that I got no satisfactory response and finally said, “Who is in charge of this event?” She gave a vague description which could be one of possibly 20 people. When I found one of them, I gave the same complaint and reasons, and added that another person on the way over had also said something negative about the noise level. I got several shrugs to this plea.

    We needed to eat and unfortunately waiting online for a hot dog was right behind where the cruiser was parked. My daughter had to have her fingers in her ears and eventually said, “Daddy can we get them to stop?” I asked her if she wanted to talk to the officer, and bless her 9 year-old heart, she did. Over we walked and she got the officers attention away from showing another child how the siren works and again got nowhere, “Oh honey, I’m sorry. (she then looks at me) and says “Did you talk to anyone in charge?” I responded, “Yeah, it fell on deaf ears.” All I could do was glare. I have never felt so alone in a crowd as I stood there with my daughter. I never felt so negative for local law enforcement in my life and am afraid I can’t ever look at one of them again.

    Later in the day when we wanted to play miniature golf, I had to return to my car to place jackets and drinks and camera away. I walked up to the officer and said “Is there any way you could keep from using the siren while I go to my car?” “Sure!” she said. I did what I needed to do and then gestured that she could go back to her assault on my family’s eardrums.

    She finally left and I still am not sure if I over-reacted or expected too much when all I wanted was acknowledgment that maybe some in the crowd might not find her (completely unrelated activity) just a little disturbing to young children and sensitive adults and seniors. I got nothing. Was I wrong to speak up? Should I have just plugged our ears and stayed away from those activities?

      • I agree 100% Greg.. Exceedingly loud noises do something physical to my hormone balance and causes me to slip into an angry rage. I don’t know exactly why! I have been diagnosed with mild PTSD and drenched repeatedly with agent orange, but I think LOTS of people get just as annoyed.
        I once had a verbal altercation with a bell ringing Santa Clause that almost turned physical. I told the store manager that if he didn’t quiet that guy down, I’m through shopping here. He changed his GONG in for some jingle bells and we were all happy.
        The workers at a warehouse I managed know they should NEVER throw a pallet down on the ground, but to set it off softly. Some things just trigger me. A mother screaming at her kids trigger me.

        I’m known to have a happy-go-lucky type of personality, but I would have gone over and stuffed a sock in that cops siren, then waited to see what the judge had to say about it.

        …… anyway, To Everybody at B&P… It’s in the ninetys and sunny here in the phlippines. We went to a jungle beach hide-away in Tambobo Bay called Tongo Sail In. It’s kind of a secret and I don’t tell many people how to find it. It’s so laid back, it’s not even ‘manned’. get your own beer out of the fridge and make a mark on the board every time you get another one. One of the native girls back in the kitchen will cook up most anything if you’re hungry.

        Here is a pic of my Island Hopper 4wd Limosine. (seriously, this thing is really a chick magnet. the girls just love riding in the back, the boys are all waving and taking their pictures.)


    • I think you have a reasonable concern. The high decibel level of the siren, while acceptable in an emergency situation, was likely dangerous in this situation. It only takes one loud exposure to permanently damage ears. That officer has opened the city to a lawsuit for anyone with a lawyer and a doctor.

      I know OSHA has standards for the workplace. I imagine there is a health authority of some kind which may be interested. According to the National Institutes of Health, sounds above 85 decibels can cause permanent damage:

      According to Wiki, police sirens can be above 120 decibels:

      Sounds like the officer needlessly endangered the hearing of many adults and children. But that’s just my opinion.

  4. Late Friday night? I’m drinking, thinking, and (after a trip to the local Mexican restaurant) stinking. Ayyy caramba!!!

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