15 thoughts on “How to make symbols with your keyboard”

    • I’ve used that in the past, but didn’t have it bookmarked in this browser so I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  1. I don’t see the one for the “Middle Finger.”

    How can one fully express themselves in type without the “middle finger.”


    • I always thought I should make a program that changes the hand the cursor becomes when you hover on a hyperlink. I figure if I can change the pointing finger from the first one to the second one, I could sell this program and buy an island–like Australia.

  2. I wish this graphic would show the ALT code I use the most, which is ALT + 0233. That creates the letter “e” with the accent mark. Useful when spelling words like “résume” or “fiancé”.

    • Not sure why you would want to represent resume incorrectly – there should be an acute over both ‘e’s

  3. The Alt plus numbers also makes letters with accent marks, tildes on ns (ñ)inverted question marks and exclamations points, etc. for writing in other languages.

  4. It is not as though that has been around for a while or aything…oh, wait, it has been around since the old DOS days. But people have become so addicted to using the mouse instead of learning what can be just as easily done with the keyboard, often quicker than doing it with a mouse, that their productivity suffers.

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