3 thoughts on “Epic Pranks”

  1. The best I came up with was to get a roommates girlfriend to make all of us a chocolate chip cookie with the chips arranged in our initial.

    The exception, the one (of five) that we hated, got his with about 10 doses of Ex-lax.

    Needless to say, shit happened.

  2. And never do this: suspend a regular Mentos mint under a cap of Diet Coke (with caffeine) with a piece of thread. Keep in place by screwing the cap on over the thread. Then when your friend opens the Diet Coke the Mentos falls into the Diet Coke–then the stuff really hits the ceiling.

  3. Why would you spread the toothpaste on the cookie so sloppily like that? It’s a dead giveaway. Just squeeze the toothpaste on and use the other cookie to flatten it; the toothpaste will even out and look normal, as though it had just rolled off the factory line. AMATURE.

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