9 thoughts on “Elevator Murder Experiment”

  1. I always wonder what I would do in different life-or-death situations. I know what I’d like to think I would do, and a lot depends on the circumstances at the time, but generally, I don’t think we can ever REALLY know until it happens for real.

  2. Odds of the “on-lookers” being staged also are pretty extremely great, if you think about it.

  3. it does make you wonder especially after an entire busload of Canadians just sat and watched some poor kid get stabbed to death and decapitated on a bus

  4. The most clever was the fire extinguisher! Loved that one. I’d like to think I’d do something, but in reality, we never know till we are in the situation.

  5. Must’ve been done in Chicago, where they’ve disarmed everyone except the real murderers and the jack booted thug cops.

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