9 thoughts on “Average number of languages spoken”

  1. I speak several languages including Southern, Brooklynese, Bostonian, Hillbilly, Minnesotan and some British…even more after several beers.

  2. I was traveling in Germany some years back, and stopped at a motel for the night. In the restaurant, being alone, they sat me at an occupied table, as they normally did/do. Speaking with an elderly gentleman (in good German, I might add, which I had at the time) I lamented the fact that so few Americans learned foreign languages.

    “Nein! Nein! Sie sprechen Englisch – die Weltsprache!)” You speak English, the world language. Speak Swedish, and you can communicate with this small group of people. Italian, that small group. But most well educated folk in the world have at least some knowledge of English.

    And if you speak it slowly and loudly, they’ll usually get it. (for those lacking a sense of humor, this last part is funny. A true story otherwise)

  3. I agree with the German. When France (for example) becomes the dominant economy of the world, the dominant culture, and sits pretty much by itself on a continent where French is the dominant language, then they can speak just French. But if you’re wedged between people, some more dominant than you, that speak other languages, then it’s good to speak a few of those languages too.

    I’m trying to learn some Italian though, and since I live in South Florida, a little Spanish is starting to sink in.

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