7 thoughts on “It’s No Secret… That’s weird… For Sure”

  1. Wait, what? She is 19, has been eating deodorants since she was 4, but only became addicted two years ago? What, it took 13 years to finally get addicted?

    I think the journalist (?) that wrote this does not know the definition of addiction.

    On the plus side, I bet her breath smells good.

  2. Television (somehow) finds people who (for some alleged, long-term reason) eat weird things (that really won’t hurt them)…and instead of smacking them in the head and telling them to knock it off, we shove a camera in their face and put them on television….



    • Yeah… I’m not sure what to make of these “My Strange Addiction” shows.

      Part of me thinks they’re just attention-seekers faking it for TV.

      If something doesn’t have any chemicals that interact with the human brain in a manner that has been found to lead to addictive behavior, is it really an addiction?

      Honestly, I don’t know. Does this craziness mean that we can become addicted to anything and everything? Perhaps “chocoholism” is really an epidemic.

      As someone battling addiction and chemical dependency problems myself, I worry that these “addiction” shows diminish the public’s understanding of actual physical addiction.

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