16 thoughts on “Red Light Violations and Accidents”

  1. Is this whole video just one intersection from multiple angles? Jesus Christ, this is why I hate people… morons…

  2. I was totally against red light cameras, but after watching this. Glad they have video that includes a few seconds before the infraction. This is nuts.

  3. This is why I won’t ride a motorcycle, you can only be so careful and it is everyone else that I need to worry about. The one with the bus and the police officer though, who was at fault with that one? I am guessing the bus.

  4. I like the video, but I think they still needs a cop to write tickets not mail. You might have loan your car to someone and they ran the light.

    • an officer actually has to sit and review all the tapes before a ticket can be issued. Also here in the state of florida at least its a different ticket then a red light ticket a cop would issued you-a cop issues you one that goes against your driver’s license, points and has a higher fine. one that comes in the mail is assessed to your car, but is a lower fine and no points (same goes with toll violations here). granted if the fine is not paid the registered owner of the car’s license could be suspended but that is why the tickets come with the times of the infraction so you can figure out if you were driving or someone else (and have them give you the money!)

  5. What’s scary is that these are just from a few lights. I see people running reds here and there at the lights around where I live, but it doesn’t seem like it’s that often. It makes me want to see video of these intersections over the course of the entire day, not just for the two or three minutes that I pass through.

  6. I was amazed to see how many of them where the driver never slowed, can you say distracted driving! PUT YOUR CELL PHONE DOWN and focus on controlling the piece of heavy equipment you are controlling!!! I will say I feel bad for the people that are following the laws and they end up getting hit or hitting someone!

    I’ve personally had something like what’s at 4:40 happen to me. I T-boned Someone that was making a left turn but they couldn’t see both lane of traffic. I will say it wasn’t totally the other drivers fault, the vehicle in the lane next to me left an opening flagged them through. Really that person should have got a ticket for being stupid. The great thing about my situation was that:
    A)they got a ticket for “impeding the lane that another driver (me) had possession of”…and yes, that’s what the violation actually said, so their insurance covered 100%
    B) I bent their axle. (my thought, if someone’s carelessness causes an accident, there is nothing wrong with being happy about doing costly damage to their vehicle!)

  7. While I prefer to catch people in the act and write them a ticket directly there just aren’t enough cops to sit at every intersection all the time. I’m completely for red light camera and the jurisdiciton I work for is suppose to install them this summer. I’ve seen some nasty accidents caused by red light runners and while some of these accidents would have still happened cameras or not (bad weather, inattentive drivers, idiots, etc) I think cameras do cut down on the amount of accidents.

  8. 30 seconds into the video a teen on a bike hits a car, gets up as if he is fine and then lies down as he is in terrible pain.

  9. Your signaling system is completely “no sense” I prefer the European. The sign is located before entering the intersection…

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