More website problems

Website-downOne of my other websites (NB) is down again.  And it appears to be the same problem we had last month.  It starting becoming very slow on Monday and all but crawled to a stop by Tuesday.  

Excessive traffic to the site was causing stability problems for the other sites sharing the server so the ISP took my site down until the issue can be resolved.

I’m looking into the issue now.  I don’t expect an immediate solution to the problem. 


14 thoughts on “More website problems”

  1. Well that is a crappy way to start my internet time tonight!

    Hope you get it figured out. And ban the Chinese!

    • I did that not long ago. They say it’s a traffic issue. Last time it was deluged with spam comments from China. What will it be this time?

  2. Rats, too bad you can’t track back through the spamming ISP’s with some stun-gun voltage! I’ve been able to see the site, (NB), but I have been banned from comments for a few weeks now. I figured it was because I’m here on the edge of the South China Sea.. (Philippines), and use Smart as a service provider (who also sold my isp to multiple users, giving me super slow speeds)

    ..I can’t figure it..Some of these guys are so ‘logic-challenged’, they will try to pick up a board that they are standing on, Yet be able to hack google earth and bring the site down with youtube posts, or, steal the load from everybodys cell phone and leave you with no choice but buy a new sim card. no motives, just pride of being destructive. And I don’t know of any cops for that kind of stuff!

    • It was set up so people in China could get to the site to see it but not comment. I didn’t think it would really affect any regular readers (like you). Now I feel bad about that.

  3. Had a hunch that the same kind of issue was going on again. Bummer. I miss the nightly foray into NB.

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