2 thoughts on “Breakfast, Lunch and Hugs”

  1. Wow, so many questions…

    1) Where is this restaurant? I’d like to go there.

    2) Does anybody else see this as exploitive? Sure, it’s “Tim’s place”… but is it really? Does he deal with purchasing, invoices, suppliers, utilities, HR issues, hiring, retention, quality, rent, licensing, etc., or is he just a puppet, there only to drive in business with his hugs?

    I’m really torn on this one. The family is giving him what he always dreamed of – a restaurant and an opportunity to live that dream of restaurant ownership. But at the same time, they’re also capitalizing on and exploiting his disability. But then again, is it wrong to play every card you’re dealt to your advantage?

    3) Also, what’s with the logo, the face with the tongue sticking out – classic “retard” face. I mean… really?!??… that’s just wrong.

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