6 thoughts on “Amazing Table Saw Demonstration”

  1. I own one … and it’s a magnificent tool with some great technology as well. One of my son’s employees got his fingers into the saw they have and just got a minor cut vs. losing several fingers. I’m sold!

  2. My brother in law (a lefty working with a right handed saw) cut all five fingers off his right hand and his thumb on his right hand.It took a blink of an eye. Barnes (STL) sewed them all back on for free, just because they wanted to see if they could. They aren’t perfect, but pretty close considering.That’s a great resource you got there in your area.
    Left handed power tools are evidently more expensive than right handed ones, so lefties sometimes opt for the cheaper and more dangerous solution:/

  3. I love the invention, but I detest the inventor who owns the patent and then tries to force its use through legislation. Free choice – great, I hope he makes a ton of money. Pass the law, I hope he dies penniless in the gutter.

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