15 thoughts on “50 of the Most Beautiful Women Ever”

    • I notice all the pretty broads from the past had nice skin, you don’t see so many girls with pretty skin any more. Is it pollution, the chemicals in our food and drink, hard livin’ or a combination, or what?

      • I think it has more to do with the B&W images. Less detail so you don’t focus on such things. Have you been watching ‘The Walking Dead’ in black & white when they air it on Thursdays? It’s a whole different experience.

  1. I suppose beauty is subjective — there are some women I would not have included in this — but I suppose the real purpose of the exercise was morphing anyway (which would also explain the dearth (Halle excepted) of dark-skinned women.)

  2. I’d agree with almost all, except Helen Hunt, Halle Barry, and Angelina Joile. There were several missing, Lilian Gish was beautiful until her 80s, Lena Horne was beautiful, Betty White was and still is very pretty. And yeah where was Jennifer Aniston?

    • I would agree with you on Angelina Jolie. I just don’t see the beauty in her. She’s not horrid by any means but she’s not what I would call beautiful. Helen Hunt and Halle Berry…now I think they’re both gorgeous. Jennifer Aniston gets an A+ from me too.

  3. Kate Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall still get my total attention anytime I see them on the screen. I thought Jaclyn Smith was more beautiful (and classy) than Farrah, and I thought Julia Roberts had a clown face. Today, Emma Watson, Zooey Deschanel, and of course Jennifer Aniston.

  4. So much horse manure. It should be the 50 most that EVERYONE in the “western world” has seen.

    Lists suck.

  5. Expected to see Audrey Meadows in the early part of the clip.

    Several people have mentioned the absence of Jennifer Aniston. What about the most gorgeous woman alive today,
    Sandra Buttock , er I mean Bullock.

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