6 thoughts on “Well, you wanted him to fall asleep”

  1. I am not sure what will be more “interesting:” finding out why the parents seemly have a one-way mirror into their child’s bedroom, or the kid finding out that face-slamming the floor will not be as much fun.

      • It could be, but I figured the camera was hand-held when it shook when the guy (dad?) laughed.

        Also, would an infrared camera cause the “eye shine” that happened when the kid looked towards the camera?

        • Eye shine from infrared? Absolutely. The video seems to be taken with a hand-held camera recording a video display.

  2. Yes Tim, it would. And you didn’t pass the test btw. The dad is filming the broadcast of the infrared from his laptop (looks like a macbook) and then shakes while laughing. The distance between the border of the screen and the bed never changes. You are welcome.

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